Makita 18V Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1.5Ah Set DCL180SYB

by Makita

Makita 18V Mobile Stick Vacuum Cleaner
4.2 kpa suction performance
High performance filter
On/off trigger switch
Lightweight at just 1.7 kg
650 ml translucent dust container shows dust collection
Air Volume 1.3 m²/min
Dust Collecting Capacity 650 ml
Max. Air Suction 4.2 kpa
Net Weight 1.7 kg
Suction Power 30 W
Makita 18V 1 Hour Charger DC18SD
Digital power display indicates charging level
More cost effective option
Optimum charging system to maximise cycle life and work volume
Cell Capacity 1.5-3.0 Ah
Charge Time 30 mins (Compact)
60 mins (3.0Ah)
Net Weight 700 g
Overall Length 151 mm
Voltage DC 7.2-18 V
Makita 18V 1.5.0Ah Battery BL1815N
Built in memory chip communicates the usage history with the charger
Built in shock absorbers protect the cells from jobsite conditions
High energy cells pack more power per cell to reduce the number of cells and overall weight
Large release button for easy removal from the tool
Built in air vents and wall cools the battery cells evenly whilst blocking damaging debris
16 contact terminals provide consistent power and firm hold in any environment
Cell Capacity 1.5 Ah
Charge Time 15 mins w/DC18RC
Net Weight 360 g
Voltage 18V

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