Milwaukee ONE-KEY Tick - 4 Pack - ONET-4


TICK TOOL AND EQUIPMENT TRACKER - Tracked by ONE-KEY, the TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker allows you to track the location of any item in your inventory, regardless of brand or type. The TICK was designed with the job-site in mind and it is the first tracking device built to survive the abuse your tools and equipment take every day.
RUGGED PROTECTION - Tools and equipment take abuse on the job. The TICK is designed specifically to survive in these conditions. The durable weatherproof design protects internal components from water and dust while UV rated plastics keep the TICK from getting brittle when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker
Attached with glue, screws, zip tie or rivets to anything
Water, Dust and Impact resistant
1 year run-time with replaceable coin cell battery
Over 30 m signal range

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