Milwaukee L-Class Dust Extractor with Auto Clean AS30LAC


Milwaukee 1200W L-Class 30L Dust Extractor With Auto Clean AS30LAC
Powerful reversed air pulse activates every 15 seconds on the main filter, maintaining high air flow and minimizing performance drops.
Two Step Filter System - The main filter with auto cleaning captures dust at 99.9% efficiency.
HEPA filter capture the remaining small and hazardous dust as a 2nd step for increased safety, service cost, and maximum filtration level, 99.97% efficiency.
Powerful motor delivers 148 CFM and 233 cm of water lift for fine dust extraction.
Power Tool Activated - Power outlet on vacuum allows corded power tools to be plugged in and the vacuum will run only when the tool has been turned on.
Main Filter - Durable and washable PTFE material, acts as first filtration method at 99.9% filtration efficiency.
HEPA Filter - Protected by main filter and housing for increased safety and less service cost. - Captures remaining small hazardous dust at 99.97% efficiency of all particles greater than 0.3 microns.
Fleece Dust Bag 5 PK - Full enclosed bag to minimise dust exposure during disposal RECOMMENDED bag for silica dust).
Plastic Dust Bag 5 PK - Standard bag for easy and convenient dust disposal (RECOMMENDED for non-hazardous dusts, not fully enclosed).
Power Tool Adapter - Compatible with vacuum bits (SDS Max and SDS Plus).
Hose Sleeve - Compatible with 7"/9" Dust Shroud.
Power Input 1200 W
Air Volume 4,500 L/min
Capacity 30 L
Capacity Liquids 19.5 L
Hose Diameter 36 mm
Hose Length 4 m
Max Vacuum 250 mbar
Weight 14.5 kg
Automatic Filtration Yes

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