Milwaukee Redlithium USB Battery & Charger Kit L4NRG-201


Milwaukee Redlithium USB Starter Kit L4NRG-201
The Milwaukee red lithium USB Battery & Charger Kit includes a red lithium Battery, red lithium Charger, 61 cm Heavy Duty Micro-USB cord and 2.1A wall plug. Get maximum runtime, and faster charging using red lithium USB. Conveniently charge red lithium USB Batteries via Micro-USB Cable from a wall plug or USB power source.
2x more capacity over 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
Fast charge time with 2.1 A charge rate
Conveniently charge REDLITHIUM USB batteries with micro-USB cable from wall plug or USB power source
LED Fuel Gauge Allows Fast Checking of REDLITHIUM USB battery charge
Stores battery while not in use
91 cm heavy duty micro-USB braided cable with metal ends
Voltage 4 V
Weight 0.19 kg

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