Milwaukee Torque Lock C-Clamp Regular Jaw Durable Grip 152mm (6") 48223632

SKU 48223632

Milwaukee TORQUE LOCK 6" Reg Jaws Gripped 48223632
Milwaukee Torque Lock Locking Tools provide faster setup and more locking force for the professional tradesmen. The patent pending thumb screw provides the user with a more convenient geometry for hand force, while providing clearance to generate more torque with the unique screwdriver through-hole design. Featuring hardened jaws for more gripping power and forged alloy steel for maximum durability, Milwaukee locking tools are made for the toughest jobsite.
Torque Lock- Faster Setup and More Force for Locking Tools
Wide Jaws- Provides More Clamping Versatility on a Variety of Material Shapes and Surfaces
Control Release- Fast, Easy, One-Handed Release
Hardened Jaws- Better Grip Force on Jobsite Material
Forged Alloy Steel- Maximum Tool Strength and Durability
Rust Protection- Increased Tool Life by Reducing Corrosion
Overmould Grips- Durable and Comfortable
Part No: 48223632
Brand: Milwaukee

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