Makita 800W 3 Mode SDS-Plus 26mm Rotary Hammer HR2630

by Makita
SKU HR2630

Easy depth adjustment, Depth gauge can be adjusted
with a single motion.
One-touch sliding chuck, For easy bit changes.
40 Different bit-angle settings, The bit-angle is adjustable without chisel adapter.
Minimum bit wobbling, With longer bit guide.
Easy-to-grip handle, Ergonomically designed to give maximum power thrust.
Rubberized soft grip, Provides more comfort and control.
AVT " Anti Vibration Technology "
- Damper spring, Absorbs reaction force caused by drill bit at the moment of impact
- Counterweight Mechanism, Dampens the vibration produced by impact mechanism by moving a counterweight in the opposite direction to the movement of the piston.
Rotation reversing system using brush holder unit
- Protects Carbon Brush from foreign dusts and debris
- Life of Carbon Brush is 2.7 times longer as the existing models.
- Same speed and torque even in reverse rotation.
- Saves time and labour for repair thanks to simplified wiring.
Continuous rating input 800W
Impact energy 2.4J
Capacity Concrete : 26mm (1")
Steel : 13mm (1/2")
Wood : 32mm (1-1/4")
Impacts per minute (ipm) 0 - 4,600
No load speed (rpm) 0 - 1,200
Noise 91dB(A)
Vibration 15.5m/s²
Dimensions 361x77 x 209mm

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