Festool 27mm x 3.5m Suction Hose D27 x 3.5m

by Festool
SKU 452877

Festool 27mm x 3.5m Suction Hose D 27 X 3.5 M

The Festool Hose is designed as an economical option for use with non-antistatic dust extraction systems or vacuums. It helps you work more safely by preventing static discharge or shocks. You'll work more efficiently with system that prevents clogging due to particulate buildup inside the hose. durable, pliable design withstands heavy use and prevents kinking, for longer service life and more efficient work.Includes: 27mm Antistatic hose with rotating connector and reducing sleeve.


27 mm Dust Extractor Hose


Length 3-5-m

Diameter 27 mm

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