Festool 82mm Planer Head - Rustiic Design Coarse HK 82 RG

by Festool
SKU 484522

Festool 82mm Planer Head Rustic Design Coarse HK 82 RG

Create perfectly smooth surfaces as well as distressed or rough-hewn effects. Create exotic textures and add character to your work by simply replacing the standard planer head with one of three rustic heads. Produce fine or coarse wavy textures, or scalloped effect to mimic hand-hewn appearance. Spiral cutter engages the material with slicing action, similar to that of skewed angle hand plane, generating less chatter and smoother cut. Self-aligning blades make for quick and easy blade changes. Durable solid carbide spiral-cutting blade. Long service life. Precision-balanced machined aluminum head for smooth, vibration-free planing. Includes planer head and blade.


Coarse Rustic Planing Head

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