Festool Adjustable Mitre Fence WA for HL

by Festool
SKU 485018

Festool Adjustable Mitre Fence WA HL

The Angle Stop for the Festool HL 850 Planer provides guide, or fence for secure and precise material planing at any angle between and 45 degrees. The large guide surface of the Angle Stop is ideally suited for making fine or coarse bevels on wood doors, enabling comfortable maneuvering and consistent, reliable results. Alternatively, the Angle Stop can be used in conjunction with the available Bench Unit (485017) to easily convert the HL 850 Planer into an ultra-portable, miniature jointer, allowing you to precisely joint boards up to several feet long on the jobsite. Bench Unit SE-HL (485017) and Planer sold separately.


Mitre Guide for HL 850

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