Festool CT 36l E HEPA Class Dust Extractor CT 36 E HEPA FS

by Festool
SKU 574936

Festool CT 36l HEPA Class Dust Extractor CT 36 E HEPA 574936


Machine compatible - Festool dust extractors have integral automatic electronic switch on/shut off functionality and a smooth delay start up to avoid power surges.

Bluetooth technology - Can be retrofitted with the Bluetooth module to allow the extractor to be controlled via the remote control on the suction hose and started automatically when a Festool cordless tool with Bluetooth battery pack is switched on.

Maximum utilisation - The flat filter design allows the filter bag to unfold easily and expand to use almost 100% of its capacity. Hold more dust in a more compact extractor.

High suction power - Super strong and yet super small, the high power turbine provides considerable higher suction power but takes up very little room.

Customise for your needs - Every extractor can be fitted with add on modules to suit different requirements including air modules, power socket with continuous current and EAA module.

Safe storage - The hose garage and cord holder keep the suction hose and mains cable tidily stored. Cord holder includes a smart folding mechanism to help you wind up the cord quickly and detach it again easily. The locking brake and large wheels ensure complete stability.


Power consumption 350 - 1200 W

Airflow max. 3,900 l/min

Max. vacuum 24,000 Pa

Filter surface area 6,318 cm²

Mains cable 7.5 m

Container/Filter bag capacity 36 / 34 L

Dimension (L W H) 630 x 365 x 596 mm

Weight 14.4 kg

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