Festool CT MINI Reusable Long-life Filter Bag LL FIS for CTL Mini

by Festool
SKU 499703

Festool Reusable Filter Bag Longlife FIS CTL MINI

Designed with non-stick, micro-pore plastic lining from high strength, 3-layer polyester fleece. The Long-life filter bag can be used up to 500 times for extraction of dust types which are not hazardous to health. The Long-life filter bag saves money on filter bag replacement while offering convenient and easy means to capture and dispose of large wood chips. Not recommended for use with the fine dust creating by sanding. Integrated cap forms tight seal during bag removal and disposal, keeping the dust contained and off the floor.


Long-life Filter Bag for CT MINI Dust Extractors


Version for-ct-mini-1-piece

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