Festool DSC 125mm Diamond Cutting System with Rail DSC-AG 125-Plus FS

by Festool
SKU 201650

Festool 125mm Diamond Cutting System with Rail DSC AG 125 Plus FS

Festool DSC-AG 125 cutting system allows you to work in virtually dust-free environment whether you are indoors or outdoors. Because large amount of hazardous dust is created when cutting and grinding solid surface materials, the extraction hood protects your health and reduces pollution to the ambient air. The plunge-cut function allows you to start cutting to depth of 27mm at any point on work piece, and combining it with guide rail ensures perfectly straight, accurate results. The vision panel provides clear view of the scribe line so you can see your results immediately. The grinder and hood are covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Maximum protection

A large quantity of hazardous dust is created when cutting and grinding solid surface materials. Not only does this pollute the ambient air but it is also harmful to the operator. Festool's cutting system removes this dust quickly and effectively.

Easy to plunge

The plunge-cut function allows you to start cutting at any point on the work piece. The rollers safely and smoothly guide the tool along the work piece and prevent surface damage.

Efficient work

Whether its indoor or outdoor work, the Festool cutting system results in virtually dust-free environment avoiding the timely cleanup at the end of each job and leaving lasting impression on your customers.

Guide rail accuracy

The cutting system operates best with the guide rail, producing perfectly straight cuts and opening up new applications that conventional extractor hoods do not allow.

Clear view

The vision panel always provides clear view of the scribe line and cutting line so that you can make perfect cut-uts and check the result immediately.


The 125mm angle grinder can be easily removed from the extraction hood at any time and used as regular grinder to give you total flexibility in your work.


Accurate cutting and dust-free grinding

Virtually dust-free cutting system

Maximum cutting precision with guide rail

Vision panel for clear view of scribe line

Plunge cut function to begin cut anywhere along material

Rollers for smooth guidance along work piece with no marking


Straight cuts in large cement sheets

Making precise cut outs in cement sheet

Grinding and cutting metals

Grinding and cutting concrete


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer-with-guide-rail

Power consumption 1,400 W

No-load speed 11,000 min

Cutting depth 27 mm

Cutting depth on guide rail 23 mm

Front Clearance 78 mm

Side clearance 32 mm

Disc Diameter 125 mm

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