Festool DSC 125mm Freehand Diamond Cutting System DSC-AG 125 FH-Plus

by Festool
SKU 769956

Festool DSC 125mm Freehand Diamond Cutting System DSC AG 125 FH Plus

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Festool DSC-AG 125 Freehand diamond cutting system allows you to work in virtually dust-free environment whether you are indoors or outdoors. Because large amount of hazardous dust is created when cutting solid surface materials, the extraction hood protects your health and reduces pollution to the ambient air.The powerful, compact 1400-W motor with speed adjustment system for adjusting the speed depending on the application and optimised ventilation make working more efficient and ensure that the tool's service life is long. The open design allows both cut and cutting-off wheel to be clearly visible at all times. With the extraction hood open, sliding cuts up to the edge are possible with the new DSC. The tool are covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Dust-free working

When cutting solid surface material, large quantity of hazardous dust is created and it is also harmful to the operator. Festool's cutting system removes 95% of the dust created. As result, the workplace requires less cleaning effort.

Maximum flexibility and endurance

Free-hand operation and compact design for high flexibility. Even for narrow cuts. Increased air-flow enables enhanced cooling.

Close to the wall

Foldable dust-hood allows dust-free cutting close to the wall, meaning less re-work.

Excellent view on cut

Open design and dust-extraction means excellent view on cut for precise cutting without dust.


Speed adjustment function allows cuts in different materials. Diamond discs are available for different applications like cutting tiles, concrete, screed or expansion joints.


As flexible as an angle grinder: But without dust

High suction power for dust-free cutting

Excellent view of the cutting point for precise, free cuts

Foldable dust-hood allows cutting close to the wall without any re-work

Speed control for adapting to the working material

Flexible free-hand cuts due to compact design


Cutting and trimming mineral panels such as tiles and natural stone

Creating cut-outs on walls and concrete to repair damage

Repair of cracks

Cutting expansion joints


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Power consumption 1400 W

No-load speed 3500-11000 min

Cutting depth 27 mm

Weight of guard/system 0.6/2.9 kg

Front Clearance 16 mm

Side clearance 23 mm

Disc Diameter 125 mm

Connection Diameter 36/27 mm

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