Festool ETS EC 150/3 EQ Random Orbital Sander Plus ETS EC150/3 EQ-Plus

by Festool
SKU 575037

Festool Random Orbital Sander ETS EC150 3 EQ Plus

The Festool ETS EC 150/3 Eccentric Sander is the ideal sander for fine and extra fine sanding. Its compact and lightweight design the make all day work tireless. With EC-TEC brushless motor, the tool uses power more efficiently and requires less maintenance. softgrip surface enables you to sand horizontal, vertical or overhead without exerting excess force. Vibration and extraction detection provides maximum safety. Used optimally with Festool Multi-Jetstream pads and abrasives, and Festool Dust Extractor, the perfect, dust-free finish is guaranteed with every job. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Compact lightweight design

The compact and low weight(1.2kg) create optimal ergonomic work conditions with compromising durability.

Perfect surface quality

MMC electronics control smooth start-up and ensures speed remains constant even under load. The sanding brake prevents the abrasive from scratching the work piece on initial contact, saving costly re-work.

Outstanding performance

Designed to fit in your hand, the lightweight machine features softgrip material to considerably improve your grip on the machine, and increase comfort. The results in less force exertion for horizontal, vertical and overhead work.

Wet sanding is yesterday's news

With Festool systems in the automotive trade, dry sanding is standard. The benefits include low risk of error, economical time and cost savings and consistently high surface quality.

Multi-Jetstream principle

For maximum suction with unbeatable performance, Festool offers complete system including sanding pads and abrasives. The Multi-Jetstream principle ensures greater dust removal, cooler pad temperatures and longer abrasive life.

Breathe easy

The integrated dust port allows fast and easy connection to Festool Dust Extractor and efficient dust removal. This maintains clear view of your work piece and keeps the working area, and your lungs, clear of unhealthy wood dusts.


The perfect finishing sander in the compact class

3 mm sanding stroke creates very high surface quality

EC technology and sanding pad brake with carbide tip ensures long service life

Compact and low weight(1.2kg) create optimal ergonomic work conditions

Stepless speed preselection, constant speed even under load

Vibration and extraction detection provides optimal work protection


Pre-sanding for polishing

Final sanding of fillers

Fine sanding of mineral materials


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Power consumption 400 W

Connection diameter 27 mm

Eccentric motion speed 6000-10000 min

Sanding stroke 3 mm

FastFix sanding pad diameter 150 mm

Weight 1.2 kg

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