Festool HK 85 230mm Circular Saw HK 85 EB-Plus

by Festool
SKU 767695

Festool HK 85 230mm Circular Saw 767695


When sawing with a Guide Rail the cuttingedge follows the scribe mark edge exactlyfor precise results even when mitre cutting.

The versatile HK 85 can be transformedfrom circular saw to groove cutter with anoptional groove cutting accessory

HK 85 is ideal for trimming and cutting ofsolid beams, frames, form-work that requirea large cutting depth - up to 85mm.


Cutting Depth 85mm

Cutting Depth at 45Ìâå¡ 62mm

Speed 1500-3300rpm

Rated Input 2300W

Saw Blade ÌÄåü 230mm

Weight 7kg

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