Festool HKC 55 160mm Cordless Circular Saw Plus 5.2Ah HKC 55 EB-Plus Li 5.2Ah

by Festool
SKU 201582

Festool 160mm Cordless Circular Saw Plus 4.2Ah HKC 55 EB Plus Li 4.2Ah

From cutting rafters and beams, to ripping and trimming, or melamine shelving, plumb cuts and birdsmouth applications, this will be your new go-to saw. The combination of 18V battery and brushless EC-TEC motor ensures impressive cutting performance. It will even do intricate plunge cuts for sink cut-outs or vents, and does quick and easy cross cuts with the unique FSK cross-cutting guide rail (available in lengths 250mm, 420mm, 670mm). To enable an unrestricted view of the saw blade, the protective pendulum hood can be moved back from the front handle to release the saw blade. It is versatile all-rounder.

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Easy setting of depth

Simply push the lever together and, using the easy-to-read scale, set the desired cutting depth, let go and you're all set. In combination with the plunge function, this also enables plunge cuts to be made to the preset cutting depth easily and comfortably.

Pendulum hood remote control

To enable an unrestricted view of the saw blade, the protective pendulum hood can be moved backwards from the front handle to release the saw blade. At the same time, your hands are always kept safe distance from the saw blade.

Guide wedge for safer work

The guide wedge enables unhindered, tension-free and therefore safe sawing. As it is integrated in the pendulum hood, it can be controlled flexibly using the pendulum hood remote control.

Inspection window and cut indicator

The open design and the interior inspection window provide good view of the scribe mark and saw blade. The integrated cut indicator further increases the precision level.

FastFix saw blade changing system

Fast, one-handed and tool-free. Saves time. Increases quality. Because working with the right saw blade for the material at hand becomes second nature.

Quick-release fastener

The HKC 55 can be connected to and disconnected from the cross-cutting guide rail in no time at all, depending on whether you want to saw with guide or freehand.

All-inclusive SERVICE

36 month warranty, rapid repair service, 10 year spare parts availability and more. Visit www.Festool.com.au/SAI for information and service conditions.

Industry Review

Furniture & Joinery Production

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Uniquely versatile 18V all-rounder

18V Li-ion battery and trimming rail attachments ensure mobile independence

Brushless EC-TEC motor combined with lithium-ion batteries for max cutting power

In conjunction with the trimming rail, fast, accurate and mobile cross cuts

Safe and easy handling thanks to the cutting depth adjustment with plunge function, pendulum hood remote control and guide wedge

Angle adjustment with central clamping mechanism from to 50Ìâå¡

Safe and perfectly straight sawing along the guide rail


Rip cut and cross cut in materials up to 55 mm thick

Ideal for mobile use on work sites & roofs

Sawing lining boards/shuttering to size

Sizing chipboard & shelving

Cross-cutting rafters and beams

Splinter free trimming cuts

Plumb cuts on angles roofs pitched pergolas

Cutting birds mouth

Cutting eaves

Plunge cut applications

Cutting range of building materials and trimming posts


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer-with-guide-rail-with-accessories

Battery voltage 18 V

Idle engine speed 4500 min

Saw blade diameter 160 mm

Angular range 0-50 Ìâå¡

Cutting depth Ìâå¡ /90 Ìâå¡ 0-55 mm

Cutting depth at 45 Ìâå¡ /50 Ìâå¡ 42/3" mm

Connection diameter 27/36 mm

Battery capacity 4.2Ah battery available (can handle 5.2Ah)

Battery type LiIon

Independent extraction yes

Dust extraction connection diameter 27/36 mm

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