Festool HL 850 EB - 82mm Planer HL 850 EB-Plus

by Festool
SKU 574554

Festool 82mm Planer HL 850 EB Plus

Festool's HL 850 is designed to meet all your planing needs, removing the burden of time-consuming rework. patented, single-bearing planing head allows you to work flush with the work piece to unlimited rebate depths. Control elements are easily accessible without changing your hand position, and its ergonomic design guarantees comfort. The 90Ìâå¡ V-groove in the planer foot makes chamfering boards and beams breeze and the spiral blade ensures smooth planing pattern. The planer can be used in bench unit mount, and Festool Dust Extractor can be attached either side for efficient work while maintaining clean workspace. The planer is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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No limits

Where other planers leave you to finish the rest off by hand, Festool's HL 850 will take you to uncharted depths. By retracting the side guard you can plane right up to the edge. The lever is easily reached without changing hand position.

Accurate chamfering

When you are chamfering boards and beams, the 90Ìâå¡ V-groove in the planer foot makes it feel like the planer is gliding along rail, and prevents it from slipping or running off course.

Easy operation

The sophisticated ergonomics and quality engineering of the HL 850 are evident as soon as you pick it up. All control elements are easy to reach without changing your hand position.

Easy blade changes

The spiral blade with drawing cut produces smooth planing pattern and no chatter marks. Replacing the planing head is quick and easy task and Festool offer three rustic heads to achieve attractive wooden surfaces with ease.

Stationery setup on seconds

The bench unit allows you to draw the work piece over the planer comfortably, making rebating and trimming work easier while offering increased accuracy. With the angle stop, you can chamfer any angle between 90Ìâå¡ and 45Ìâå¡.

Efficient dust extraction

The HL 850 can be easily attached to Festool Dust Extractor from the left or right side for almost 100% dust removal. This allows you to work with dust extraction in any position, without hindrance.


The only planer for unlimited rebating

Planing to the edge, single bearing head for unlimited rebate depths

Ergonomic design with easily reachable controls

Spiral blade for smooth planing pattern

Efficient dust extraction at left or right side

Quick blade changes and texturing blades available


Trimming and assembly work

Planing door rebates

Planing window rebates

Planing beams, planks and broad surfaces

Texturing surfaces


Power consumption 850 W

Rotational speed 11,000 min

Planing width 82 mm

Planing depth 0-3.5 mm

Max. rebate depth Unlimited

Connection Diameter 36 mm

Noise at no-load speed 79 dB

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