Festool KS 60 KAPEX - Slide Compound Mitre Saw Set KS 60 E-Set

by Festool
SKU 561695

Festool KS 60 KAPEX - Slide Compound Mitre Saw Set (KS 60 E-Set)

The compact and light weight design make it ideal for mobile use. Great application versatility; cutting boards and panels up to 305 x 60 mm, square timber up to 60mm thick or cutting skirting boards and cornices to precise angles - quick and easy.

Extremely compact with flush mounted guide rods and a light weight of 17.80kg. It makes no compromises in terms of precision and versatility of use. A mitre angle up to 60 degrees on both sides and a bevel angle of up to 46 or 47 degrees on both sides.


Compact, lightweight design for easy transport and use in small areas

LED spotlight casts the saw blade shadow on to the workpiece as an exact cutting line

Quick and easy setup and packup

Main Applications:

Sawing panels and laminate

Cutting plastic and steel cable ducts to size

Cutting grooves to a defined depth

Trimming aluminium and other non ferrous metal profiles

Trimming skirting boards and cornices up to 120 mm in height

Cutting strip material to fit

Cutting beams and boards up to 60 mm thick and square timber up to 88 mm thick


Power consumption 1200 W

No-load speed 1,300 - 3,500 min

Saw blade diameter 216 mm

Cutting capacity at 90Ìâå¡ 305 mm x 60 mm

Cutting depth at 45Ìâå¡/90Ìâå¡ 215 mm x 60 mm

Cutting depth 45Ìâå¡/45Ìâå¡ (left) : 215 mm x 40 mm

Inclination angle 47/46

Mitre angle 60/60

Dimensions (W x D x H) 700 mm x 535 mm x 430 mm

Connection ÌÄèÏ d/e 27/36

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