Festool LHS 225 PLANEX Sander & CT 36 Extractor Set LHS 225 EQ AC-Set

by Festool
SKU 574875

Festool Sander and CT 36 Extractor Set LHS 225 CT 36 AC Set



Easy to guide, almost unstoppable.

Quick release extensions to lengthen tool

Two-speed gears for efficient, rapid material removal

Robust, reliable drive components and efficient power transfer

Adjustable suction power

Detachable brush segment for sanding to the edge


Sanding plasterboard

Sanding dry wall filler

Removing wall paper residues


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer-set

Power consumption 550 W

Speed 340 910 min

Grinding disk diameter 215 mm

Connection diameter 36 mm

Weight 4.6 kg

Weight (length 1.10 m) 3.8 kg

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