Festool LRS 400 80x400mm Air Orbital Sander LRS 400

by Festool
SKU 574813

Festool 70x400mm Air orbital sander LRS 400

The LRS air orbital sander with its 4mm sanding stroke is ideal for sanding large flat surfaces. The speed preselector allows you to adjust stroke speed to suit the material, significantly increasing the working quality. Softgrip handle, ergonomic housing and perfect power-to-weight ratio allows for fatigue-free work. VibrationStop balancing reduces vibrations and oscillations putting less stress on your hands and wrists, as well as on the sander. Used with suitable Festool Dust Extractor and IAS hose, efficient extraction is provided through single hose. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Fully integrated

The IAS2 system supplies three functions in one hose: compressed air supply, exhaust air and dust extraction.

Comfortable use all day long

The ergonomic design, soft grip handle, additional grip and vibration stop guarantee maximum comfort with any job.

Wide range of materials

Stroke speed can be easily adjusted to suit the working material, which increases the finish quality.

Large surface specialist

With its high material removal capacity, the LRS 400 is the ideal partner for time-consuming sanding work over large surface areas.

Longer useful life

The sanding pad is made from extremely wear-resistant MPE plastic for longer useful life and increased efficiency.

Quick and simple

The StickFix system allows for quick and easy sanding abrasive changes. Simply tear off the old abrasive and line up the new one.

Industry Recognition

IF Design Award

The LRS 400 won the International Forum Design award for product design 2005.


Specialists for flat surfaces.

High material removal rate on large surfaces

Easy to guide machine with VibrationStop for fatigue-free work

Speed and stroke preselection

StickFix sanding pads and abrasive for quick changes


Sanding large, flat surfaces

Working on primed surfaces

Sanding variety of different surfaces


Operating pressure (flow pressure) 6 bar

No. of strokes 14,000 min

Sanding stroke 4 mm

Air consumption at rated load 310 L/min

Sanding pad StickFix 80 400 mm

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