Festool MFT 3 Large Multi-function Workbench MFT 3

by Festool
SKU 495315

Festool MFT 3 Large Multi function Workbench MFT 3

Festool's Multifunction table is just that a table that embodies versatile work with an integrated system. Work pieces of nearly any shape or size can be secured firmly for precision work, and its compact folded size make it easy to transport to any location. V-grooves around the outer edge of the table create system for joining numerous tables, joining to the guide extension MFT/3-VL or for attaching many sliding clamps, stops and guides. The perforated top gives flexibility to attach clamps in the most suitable spot to securely clamp your work piece, feature that is vitally important for safe and accurate work. The MFT table is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Maximum support

When sanding, planing, joining or routing with templates, it is important that the work piece is held firmly on the table, irrespective of whether it is large, small, angular or round. The MFT offers you precisely this flexibility.

Precise results

With horizontal and vertical clamping using the perforated board and/or profile section, work pieces can simply and firmly secured. The guide rail adapter with hinge attaches the rail to the MFT table and slides effortlessly to produce perfectly straight cuts and routs.

Optimal integration

The V-groove around the outer edge of the MFT allows for the connection of the Compact Module System, as well as collection of available sliding tables, mitre guides and stops. This quickly turns the MFT into an extremely efficient work station.

Extendable working surface

Connecting rods allow several multifunction tables to be joined laterally with on another. The greater working surface enables you to clamp and work on large work pieces or multiple pieces at the same time.

Cost effective work

The compact folded shape of the multifunction table means it takes up little room in transport. It's light weight design makes it possible to move easily and effortlessly between the workshop and mobile onsite use.

Designed with you in mind

The working height of 90 cm on the MFT makes ergonomic work possible and is easy on the back, even for taller users. The lower 79 cm height of the MFT KAPEX places the KAPEX saw at the perfect operating height.


A table with unlimited possibilities.

Mobile use with compact folded design and light weight

Ergonomic work positioning with table height of 900 mm (MFT 3)

Safe sawing and precise routing with guide rail

Flexible clamping options due to perforated top

Compatibility with Compact Module System (CMS)


Safe clamping and securing of work pieces

Base support for KAPEX Compound Mitre Saw

Precise processing of work pieces

Extension platform to Compact Module System (CMS)

Base for vacuum clamping options with VAC SYS


Product Set Name complete-table

Table dimensions 1157 773 mm

Working height with legs 900 mm

Load capacity 120 kg

Maximum workpiece thickness 78 mm

Max. workpiece width 700 mm

Weight 28 kg

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