Festool Multifunction System 400mm Routing Template MFS 400

by Festool
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Festool Multifunction System 400mm Routing Template MFS 400

Festool's MF Multi-routing template allows you to quickly and easily create different shaped cut-outs and circles without the time-consuming creation of temporary templates. The aluminium profiles can be adjusted in both lengthways and cross direction, and placed anywhere on the work piece to start cutting. millimetre scale is printed along each profile, allowing accurate adjustments, and by inserting the copying ring into the tilt protector, the router is kept securely in place, minimising risk of injury and increasing work quality. The securing groove for screw and lever clamps allows the template to be attached easily, and angle brackets can be fitted to help position the template.

Compatible Tools

OF 1000 Plunge Router, OF 1010 Plunge Router, OF 1400 Plunge Router, OF 2000 Plunge Router, OF 2200 Plunge Router

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Time saving solutions

Replace temporary templates with permanent, flexible system. The millimetre scale ensures fast and precise adjustments, and angle brackets can be fitted to help position accurately in relation to the work piece.

Extremely versatile

In combination with adjustable profiles, extensions and various accessories, the MFS system can be used for wide range of tasks, from rectangular to round cut-outs. Compatible with OF 1010, 1400 and 2200 routers with copying ring.

Tilt protection

Inserting the copying ring into the tilt protector keeps the router securely in pace and minimises risk of injury while increasing working quality. Compatible with copying rings 24/27/30/40 mm in diameter.

Worktop template

The worktop template can be added to the MFS system for quick and precise corner and butt joining of bench tops up to 900 mm wide. For use with the OF 1400 and OF 2200 only.


The template with all the options

Save time by not having to make custom templates

Start and end the cut anywhere in the material

Versatile and adjustable for use with wide range of tasks

Securing grooves to easily clamp template to work piece

Anodised aluminium profile with millimetre scale for accuracy


Producing rectangular cut-outs

Producing round cut-outs

Quick corners and panel joins

Routing steps into their stringers


Product Set Name Mfs-400

Max. rectangular cut-out 300 100 mm

Max. cut-out diameter 600 mm

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