Festool OF 1010 W Plunge Router OF 1010 EBQ-Plus

by Festool
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Festool 1010 W Plunge Router OF 1010 EBQ Plus

Festool's OF1010 router is the ideal compact tool for profiling, trenching, rebating and routing dovetails. Its light weight and balanced, ergonomic design make it perfect for one-handed operation. MMC electronics adapt the machine to the working material and provide temperature monitoring, protecting your investment. Festool's routing systems easily adopt the router to range of tasks, such as creating perfect dovetail joins, accurate adjustable cabinet holes, or using the router as bench-mounted tool. Combined with Festool Dust Extractor, the extraction hood and chip deflector guarantee clean working conditions. The router is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Sensationally clean

With the dust extraction hood, chip deflector and Festool's range of mobile dust extractors, routing is no longer messy business.

One hand free

Whether used independantly or on the guide rail, the OF 1010 is the perfect one-handed router. Compact and lightweight, it can be guided accurately along edges, lines or curves.

Smooth routing over corners

The large base and optional extension improves guidance around corners and edges, prevents tipping and guarantees smooth finish.

Precise depth adjustments

It takes just few seconds and minimal effort to adjust the routing depths accurate to 1/10mm, irrespective of the cutter used.

System benefits

Festool systems allow you to easily adapt the router to different tasks whether creating perfect joins in template or accurate cabinet holes with the LR 32 rail.

Bench mounting

Using the OF 1010 in combination with the CMS System gives you powerful bench-mounted router with virtually unlimited options.


A host of features for perfect results.

Quick acting brake for improved safety

MMC electronics for speed and temperature monitoring

Routing depth adjustments 1/10mm

Chip extraction integrated into the router base

Light weight and one-handed operation


Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges

Recessing metal fittings

Trenching rear panels and recessing dovetail batons

Routing plasterboard with the guide system

Making positioning holes for cabinet shelves


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Power consumption 1010 W

No-load speed 10,000 24,000 min

Collet diameter 6 8 mm

Routing depth adjustment range 55 mm

Fine height adjustment range 8 mm

Connection diameter 27 mm

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