Festool OF 1400 CMS Mobile Router Table Set CMS-OF 1400 EBQ-Set

by Festool
SKU 201588

Festool Mobile Router Table Set TF 1400 Set

Festool's TF 1400 combines the extremely flexible Compact Module System with their impressive OF 1400 plunge router, to provide complete routing solution for any task. The router module is slotted into the sturdy frame without the use of tools, and can be replaced with any of Festool's additional modules for sawing and sanding. Extension tables or the multifunction table can be easily attached to the outside of the frame to provide larger working surface for oversized work pieces. Fences and mitre guides allow for precise routing of rebates and recesses and routing height can be effortlessly adjusted to suit. The CMS base and router is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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System flexibility

As set, the TF 1400 unit operates perfectly as stable bench routing system. The router can also be removed at any time with little effort and used independently.

Simple operation

A single front switch makes it easy to power up and switch off the router at any point. Routing height adjustments can be made quickly and accurately using the crank handle.

Use anywhere

Weighing only 25.4 kg, and with compact folded design, the TF 1400 table can be easily transported for workshop and onsite use. The folding legs also allow for work at two different heights.

Dust free working

When used with Festool Dust Extractor, dust and chips are removed immediately from the source, keeping the air and work area clear. The arched routing hood ensures maximum dust removal while also protecting the user from the cutter.

Module compatibility

The router module slots effortlessly into the CMS unit without the use of tools. This module can be removed at any time and replaced with another Festool module for their saws, jigsaw or sander tools.

System options

A large range of sliding tables, mitre guides, extension tables and stops make the TF 1400 perfect for any routing job, regardless of material size. Festool's multifunction table can also be attached for easy access to template routing.


Routing flexibility like no other

Simple routing height adjustment with crank handle

Arched routing hood for safety and optimised extraction

Dust extraction connector for 27 or 36 mm hose

Router module can be removed and replaced with other modules


Routing rebates, recesses, curves and shapes

Routing shapes and curves at the ball bearing guide

Joining work at the fence


Power consumption 1400 W

Idling speed 10,000 22,500 min

Max. cutter diameter 60 mm

Table Dimensions 585 400 mm

Module support dimensions 578 320 mm

Connection diameter 27 36 mm

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