Festool OF 1400W Plunge Router OF 1400 EBQ-Plus

by Festool
SKU 574346

Festool 1400W Plunge Router OF 1400 EBQ Plus

Festool's OF 1400 router is our most versatile router, producing 1400 watts of power in machine that weighs less than 5kg. Small enough to be extremely manoeuvrable, its large 70mm routing stroke ensures sufficient depth when recessing fittings or routing with templates. Tool-free copying ring changes and quick, easy cutter changes allow you to adapt the router to the work piece efficiently, and accurate depth setting with zero function allows routing depth to be adjusted quickly, without the need for recalculation. Used with dust hood and Festool Dust Extractor, up to 99% of all chips are extracted during edge routing. The router is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Prepared for any task

Tasks that require considerable routing depth and involve templates are no problem thanks to the larger routing depth of 70mm..

Extra stability

The column clamp acts on both guide columns simultaneously, making the OF 1400 torsionally rigid and ensuring perfect results.

Change in an instant

The convenient spindle stop with rocker and ratchet principle allows you to quickly change the cutter without removing the spanner.

Precise depth adjustments

It takes just few seconds and minimal effort to adjust the routing depths accurate to 1/10mm, irrespective of the cutter used. .

Adapted in seconds

Easily change the copying ring on the OF 1400 without using tools. Simply unlock, remove and slot another in its place. The ring automatically centres and the router is ready for its next job.

System benefits

Festool systems allow you to easily adapt the router to different tasks using multiple templates to produce cut-outs and circles with ease and perfect accuracy.

Industry Recognition

IF Design Award

The OF 1400 won the International Forum Design award for product design 2004.


An impressive all-in-one package.

Rocker and ratchet principle for convenient cutter changes

Tool-free copying ring changes

Routing depth adjustments 1/10mm

Torsionally rigid base plate with dual guides

Quick acting brake for improved safety


Rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges

Routing circles and cut-outs

Trenching rear panels and recessing dovetail batons

Routing mineral material

Making positioning holes for cabinet shelves


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Power consumption 1400 W

No-load speed 10,000 22,500 min

Collet diameter 6 12.7 mm

Routing depth adjustment range 70 mm

Fine height adjustment range 8 mm

Connection diameter 27/36 mm

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