Festool OFK 700 Laminate Trimmer OFK 700 EQ-Plus

by Festool
SKU 574452

Festool Laminate Trimmer OFK 700 EQ Plus

The Festool OFK trimmer is multi-talent among laminate trimmers, making easy work of finishing edges, regardless of the size and shape of the work piece. The heavy-duty, detachable router table provides stable support surface and secure guidance for the tool in any working position. contact spring compensates for unevenness on coarse edges such as chipboard to prevent errors from being transferred to the router and therefore, the edge of the work piece. Festool Dust Extractor's are easily attached, guaranteeing efficient work while maintaining clean workspace and dust free air. The trimmer is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Two for the price of one

The design of the router table on the OFK 700 incorporates opening on the support base to accommodate the veneer overhand. Veneer or strips can be routed flush and rounded at the same time using the correct Festool cutter.

Right in the middle

Accuracy is essential when cutting grooves for edging. The depth setting on the OFK 700 can be adjusted accurately in 1/10mm increments for precise, central grooves.

The curve professional

The OFK 700 can be used in wide range of applications, including routing concave and convex tabletops or corners of benches. Trimming laminate or solid wood veneer flush also poses no problem.

Surface protection

The edges of coated material are routed at 1.5Ìâå¡ angle with the inclined router table (included in scope of delivery). This slight inclination of the router tool prevents you from routing into the material surface.

Moving contact

The contact spring compensates for unevenness on coarse edges to prevent errors being transferred to the edge of the work piece. This is folded down and moving contact pad is utilised on curved edges to exploit the full potential of the cutter blade.

Highly effective dust extraction

When used with Festool Dust Extractor, the OFK 700 extracts chips and dust in both vertical or horizontal position with no trouble at all. Keep your workplace and lungs dust free!


The edging multi-talent

Detachable baseplate with large support surface

Base inclined by 1.5Ìâå¡ for excellent results

Routing depth adjustment to 1/10 mm

Contact spring for smooth routing pattern

Spindle stop for quick and easy cutter changes


Protruding edges and surfaces in plastic and wood

Rounding and chamfering edges

Routing trenches for inserting PVC edging

Trimming laminated board flush

Routing edge veneer on concave and convex parts


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Power consumption 720 W

No-load speed 10,000-26,000 min

Collet diameter 6-8 mm

Connection diameter 27 mm

Maximum cutting depth, vertical 9 mm

Maximum cutting depth, horizontal 5 mm

Max. routing width 14 mm

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