Festool Plug-it Cable Heavy Duty 7.5m Heavy-Duty-7,5

by Festool
SKU 203919

Festool Plug it Cable Heavy Duty 7.5m HEAVY DUTY 2x1 7.5m

It takes only few seconds to change Festool tool, because almost all tools are equipped with the plug-it system and all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect. This saves valuable time and prevents you from spending time searching for the right power cable. It also eliminates dangerous obstacles because the same cable is used for each tool. You have the choice between rubber and PUR casing and cable length of or 7.5 m. PUR is designed for heavy-duty applications. Rubber-insulated cable.

Industry Recognition

IF Design Award

The Plug-It Cable won the International Forum Design award for product design 2000.


Plug It-Cable


Length 7-5-m

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