Festool RG 130mm Diamond Grinder RG 130 E-Plus

by Festool
SKU 768976

Festool 130mm Diamond Grinder RG 130 E Plus


Festool's RG 130 diamond grinder is the ace of removal over larger surface areas. The machine removes concrete, screed and coatings on hard sublayers with maximum efficiency because the speed is adapted to the diamond tools. The folding cover segment allows you to grind close to edges, while the wall stop and 0.5mm disc set back make damage to walls and edges impossible. Vibration damping on the auxiliary handle ensures less fatigue, and the handle is adjustable with the ability to fold back completely. The patented extraction coil guarantees extremely efficient extraction when paired with Festool dust extractor. The grinder is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Efficient renovation

Festool's RenoFix range was developed to quickly and thoroughly overcome any material removal task, eliminating the need for hard manual work or ineffective work with chisels, rotary hammers and angle grinders.

Intelligent control

The digital electronics provide ideal protective and control. Smooth start-up guarantees gentle increase in speed, and continuous temperature monitoring protects against overload damage.

Directly on walls

The folding cover segment alls you to work close to edges and corners. Thanks to the all stop and diamond disc set back of 0.5mm, damage to walls and edges in impossible.

Comfortable handling

The auxiliary handle with vibration damping reduces vibrations considerable for fatigue-free work. The handle position can be adapted tool-free, or folded back completely to reach under pipes and in tight areas.


Uneven undercoats and varying segment heights can cause leaks between the guard and material. The RG 130 adapts automatically to the surfaces and reacts smoothly to changes in segment height, ensuring suction performance is always excellent.

Excellent extraction

With the patented extraction coil, the RG 130 and Festool dust extractors achieve excellent extraction results and guarantee dust-free work. Protect your health, your tool life, and significantly save labour costs by reducing cleanup time with every job.


The ace of diamond tools

Perfect operating speed for machining hard surfaces

Folding segment that allows work right up to edges and corners

Integral wall stop for safe, rapid work on walls

Adjustable VIBRASTOP auxiliary handle for better comfort and control

Excellent dust extraction with automatic seal with guard


DIA HARD Old concrete and epoxy resin

DIA ABRASIVE Screed, green concrete, lime sand

DIA STONE Very hard materials and hard concrete

DIA THERMO Thermoelastic materials on concrete, etc

DIA UNI Paint, adhesive on wooden flooring


Product Set Name tool-in-systainer

Rated input 1,600 W

No-load speed 3,000-7,700 min

Grinding disk diameter 130 mm

Tool adapter D25/M14

Connection diameter 36 mm

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