Festool RS 200 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander RS 200 EQ

by Festool
SKU 201605

Festool Sheet Orbital Sander RS 200 EQ (201605)

Festool's RS 200 direct drive orbital sander is designed to produce an outstanding fine sanding finish over large surfaces. Its 2.4mm sanding stroke and direct drive, along with the ability to sand into corners and along three edges of the sanding pad, make it the ideal machine for light sanding of doors, or over large surfaces on furniture. The balanced centre of gravity and additional hand grip mean you can work all day on vertical surfaces without tiring. High-strength MPE plastic sanding pad guarantees perfect finish and long service life, and plug-it cable attachment means that cable breaks no longer cause delays. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Outstanding results

The RS 200 produces outstanding quality over large surfaces with its 2.4mm sanding stroke and large sanding pad.

Perfectly balanced

The optimised centre of gravity makes working with the RS 200 pleasurable experience.

Fatigue-free work

The VibrationStop feature, additional hand grip and balanced design ensure fatigue free working, even over longer periods.

Access all areas

The RS 200 has the ability to sand right up to the edge on three sides of the pad. Sand right into corners with ease, minimise rework and save on abrasive turnover.

Easy changes

The clamp lever allows sanding discs to be changed easily, and attached securely. Festool sanding pads are made from high-strength MPE plastic for perfect finish and long service life.

Efficient dust extraction

The RS 200 has powerful integral dust extractor, and can also be easily attached to Festool Dust Extractor for almost 100% dust removal.


The master of flat surfaces for fine sanding.

High speed and direct drive produce smooth sanding for no rework

Large sanding base for economical sanding over large areas

Ability to sand up to the edge on three sides

Enclosed dustproof bearings ensure long service life

Plug-it cable allows you to easily plug in new cable if required


Final sanding prior to varnishing

Light sanding of painted surfaces

Light sanding of undercoats

Sanding of natural wood and veneered surfaces


Product Set Name basic-tool

Power consumption 330 W

Speed 4,000-10,000 min

Connection diameter 27 mm

Sanding stroke 2.4 mm

Interchangeable sanding pad size 115 225 mm

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