Festool SYM 70 SYMMETRIC 216mm Mitre Saw SYM 70 E

by Festool
SKU 575002

Festool Symmetric 216mm Mitre Saw SYMMETRIC 70 E

Festool's SYMMETRIC Mitre saw takes the difficulty and calculations out of cutting joins. The SYM 70 allows for both interior and exterior angles to be cut precisely and quickly without calculations. Simply transfer the angle to the saw using the bevel provided and the saw will produce the perfect cut. The stop jaws can be locked to prevent the angle from moving while you work, and the bisecting angle is automatically set up with the saws patented stop system, eliminating any source of error. The reinforced honeycomb base plate, precise drive mechanism bearing and robust swivelling segment ensure long service life. The saw is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

A smart solution

The patented stop system of the SYMMETRIC makes quick work of cutting strips. Simply record the wall or recess angle with the bevel, transfer it to the symmetrical stops and make the cut.

There is simpler way

Very acute angles pose no problem to the SYMMETRIC thanks to its stop system. The bisecting angle is automatically set by the twin stop jaws, eliminating possible source of error and increasing the quality of your work.

Even for obtuse angles

The bevel and SYMMETRIC can be used to record and cut angles greater than 90° with no problem at all. No other saw is so versatile and easy to use. Just the solution for unusual jobs.

A firm grip

The honeycomb design of the PRECISIO makes the aluminium-steel base frame both stable and easy to carry. It is remarkably light when you consider its power and wide range of uses.

Extremely durable

Anyone who buys SYMMETRIC will almost certainly keep it for long time. The reinforced honeycomb base plate, precise drive mechanism, robust swivelling segment and sophisticated stop system mount are designed to last.

Dust free

When attached to Festool Dust Extractor, the central dust connection point for 27 or 36 mm suction hose provides effective dust extraction. Keep your work piece and lungs clear, and drastically reduced clean up time.


Cutting architraves couldn't be easier

Patented symmetrical stop system

Easy angle transfer using bevel

Stops easy to clamp, no tools required

Slim, central cross-cut unit for left or right handed operation

MMC electronics ensure speed remains constant under load


Automatically cutting skirting boards along bisector

Cutting glass trim, cornices and end strips

Cutting blunt and pointed corners easily


Power consumption 1150 W

No-load speed 2,700 5,200 min

Saw blade diameter 216 mm

Interior angle 0 68°

External angle 0 68°

Max. strip height 70 mm

Max. strip width 80 mm

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