Festool SYSLITE KAL II LED Heavy Duty Work Light Set SYSLITE KAL II-Set

by Festool
SKU 500733

Festool SYSLITE KAL II LED Heavy Duty Work Light Set 500733

You will never be left in the dark again, the SYSLITE produces 170 degrees of even light dispersion. Festool's virtually indestructible SYSLITE KAL II high intensity LED work lamp is designed to perform where you need it most, whether your work takes you under cabinets or crawlspaces, into an attic or outdoors. The unbelievably bright white light allows you to examine the smallest details up close or step back for a look at the bigger picture. The internal battery powers 12 high efficiency LED bulbs to provide even, consistent light for up to four hours on a single charge. Add a Festool battery to extend the life further or work without interruption when plugged directly into a power source. The SYSLITE can be powered by a wide range of energy sources including internal recharcheable battery, battery pack, mains power cord, car charger cable..

2 in 1 adhesive spherical head for fixing the work lamp Syslite Kal and Kal II using integrated permanent magnet or Festool guide rail clamp. The Syslite Kal can be connected in an instant to typical stands using a magnetic spherical head. The flat disc spherical head can be rotated 360 degrees for flexible positioning of the work light. Magnetic holding force 16 kg.


Designed tough - Festool's SYSLITE II has been designed to handle the toughest abuse. Drop it, crush it, run over it in your van. It will continue to light your working environment with 170 degrees of even light dispersion.

Consistent lighting - The SYSLITE II delivers an even, balanced light source, casting a brilliant and consistent white light so you can examine the smallest details with ease.

Flexible charging - The long lasting internal battery serves as the main power source. The SYSLITE II can also be run with the included chargers or used with a compatible Festool battery as an auxiliary power source.

Many mounting options - The SYSLITE II has a different angle on each side for adjustment of the scattering angle. It can be hung on the shatterproof universal hook or used as a stationary lamp with the tripod socket.

Variable light positions - Many different light positions are possible with the new spherical head magnetic foot. The foot can be secured on all metallic, magnetic surfaces, and on all non metallic surfaces using a clamp.


Power Source Cordless or Corded

Battery Type - internal battery Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage - internal battery 7.2 V

Battery Capacity - internal battery 2.9 Ah

Burn Time - internal battery 90 min - level 1 / 240 min level 2

Charge Time - internal battery 200 min

Lighting Type Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Lamp 12 x 1.5 W

Lumens 310 lm - level 1 / 769 lm - level 2

Rated Temperature Range for Operation -5 degrees to 55 degrees

Battery Type Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage 10.8V - 18 V (ideally 18V)

Battery Capacity 5.2 Ah

Hook Opening 40 mm

Thread Size for Stand 1/4 inch

Power Lead Type Main Power Pack

Dimensions - Length x Width x Height 80 mm x 100 mm 150 mm

Weight 0.7 kg

Spherical Head Rotation 360Ìâå¡

Magnetic Holding 16 kg

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