Festool Systainer Combi 3 Storage Box SYS Combi 3

by Festool
SKU 200118

Festool Systainer Combi 3 Storage Box 200118

Combination of classic Systainer and a handy bottom drawer. The drawer can be divided flexibly for accessories, consumables, small parts and sundries. Individual containers to create partitions are available separately.


Faster, easier, better - Searching for tools, drill bits, screws becomes a thing of the past. Custom inserts are designed to hold Festool tools, accessories, and consumables to help you quickly find the items you need to complete a task.

Flexible system - Latch your Systainer to a dust extractor, rolling base or trolley for easy transport, moving tools, accessories and extractor in one trip from the car to site.

Customise your systainer - Design your own personalised label for your Systainer T-LOC.

First impressions count - Professionals are well organised and neatly presented. Festool's storage solutions provide a robust system for organising, protecting and transporting power tools, accessories, and consumables.


Type Combi Storage Box

Dimensions - Length x Width x Height 396 mm x 296 mm x 322 mm

Internal Dimensions 382 mm x 266 mm x 180 mm

Dimensions with Floor Stand L x W x H 396 mm x 296 mm x 322 mm

Weight 5.7 kg

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