Festool TS 75 Plunge Saw CMS Module CMS MOD-TS 75 EBQ-Plus

by Festool
SKU 201590

Festool Plunge Saw CMS Module CMS MOD TS 75

Festool's TS module slots effortlessly into the Compact Module System delivering the ultimate in flexibility by providing system that can be used not only as bench-mounted tool, but also hand held plunge cut saw. Modules can be changed over in no time at all, without the use of tools. This system provides cost effective solution for tradesmen that benefit from the precision and power of bench mounted tools, but also need to flexibility of an independent tool. There is quick changeover between cross and rip-cutting, and the inclined saw blade position allows for angle cuts from 0-45°. The CMS module and saw is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Images below are for illustrative purposes only. This product is the TS 75 Saw module only and does not included the CMS Basic Unit with foldaway legs.

System flexibility

The TS 75 saw module slots effortlessly into Festool's Compact Module System frame to create flexible and powerful bench mounted saw. The plunge saw can also be removed for independent use.

Saw blade adjustment

The large cutting depth of up to 70 mm is easily adjustable, and thanks to the inclined position of the saw blade, angled cuts from 0-45° are quick and easy to set up.

Protective cover

The protective cover provides protection from the rotating saw blade and has an integral connector for attachment to Festool Dust Extractor.


The ultimate in flexibility

Flexibility of portable or bench mounted saw

Cutting height of 70 mm at 90°

Slots in to CMS Basic Unit without the need for tools

Saw blade cover increases safety and dust extraction efficiency

Lightweight and compact for easy transportation


Use with Festool's Compact Module System Basic Unit

Precise trim cuts and cross cuts up to 830mm in length

Quick changeover to rip cutting

Angled cuts from 0-45°

Portable plunge cut sawing free hand or on rail


Power consumption 1600 W

No Load Speed 1,350 3,550 min

Cutting height 45 ° /90 ° 0-48 0-70 mm

Saw Blade Diameter 210 mm

Module support dimensions 578 320 mm

Connection diameter 27 36 mm

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