Festool TSC 55 Cordless Plunge Saw 5.2Ah TSC 55 REB Li 5.2Ah TCL6-Plus

by Festool
SKU 575018

Festool TSC 55 Li 5.2 REB-Plus 160mm Cordless Plunge Cut Saw 575018


Flat housing allows cuts close to walls

Spring-loaded riving knife give unhindered plunge cuts

Quick-acting brake provides safe, convenient sawing

55 mm cutting depth capacity in a lightweight machine

FastFix rapid change system for easy saw blade changes

Cutting doors to length and width using the guide rail

Cutting full sheet materials to size

Cutting and processing cement sheet products

Plunge cutting applications (Sink cut-outs, vents in doors etc.)

Trimming up to 12mm from edges


Battery Voltage 1 x 15V - 2 x 18V(36V)

No-load speed(1 x 18V) 2,650 - 3800 rpm

No-load speed(2 x 18V) 2,650 - 5,200 rpm

Saw blade diameter 160 mm

Inclination 45-90

Cutting depth at 45Ìâå¡/90Ìâå¡ 0-43 / 0-55 mm

Connection ÌÄèÏ d/e 27 / 36 mm

Bevel angle range -1Ìâå¡ - 47Ìâå¡

Clearance when sawing next to walls Min. 12 mm

Weight(with 1 x 18V/ 2 x 18V battery pack) 4.6 kg/5.3 kg

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