Festool VAC SYS Vacuum Unit VAC SYS-Set SE 2

by Festool
SKU 580062

Festool Vacuum Unit VAC SYS SE 2

This Vaccum unit should be used with VAC SYS SE 1. The Festool vacuum clamping system makes the seemingly impossible become possible clamping without limits. The high-quality plastic pads ensure no marks are left behind, even on highly polished surfaces. The lightweight and compact unit is easily transported in systainer, and clamps securely to work pieces up to 30kg and 1m. The system can be easily expanded with second clamp for larger work pieces, and can rotate 360Ìâå¡, and pivot 90Ìâå¡. There are four different pads available to allow clamping of curved or rounded work pieces, and pads can be changed easily and without tools thanks to the FastFix system. The vacuum clamping system is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Clamping without trace

The high-quality plastic used in the vacuum pad is so soft and flexible that the material surface is thoroughly protected. Even highly polished surfaces stay free of scratches and damage.

A strong hold

The clamping unit supports work pieces up to 30kg and 1mÌâå_. For large work pieces, simply expand the system with second clamping unit. foot release valve allows you to release the suction while holding the work piece with two hands.

Versatile and flexible

You can securely clamp curved or rounded work pieces, thanks to the four different vacuum pads available. The FastFix system allows pads to be changed over quickly and tool-free.

Clamping without limits

The vacuum clamping system allows you to process work pieces from all sides without re-clamping, because the vacuum pad can be rotated through 360Ìâå¡ and pivoted up to 90Ìâå¡.

Combine with the MFT system

The VAC SYS can be connected to the MFT multifunction table using an adapter plate. When you have finished clamping, simply fold the VAC SYS down and out of the way.


The pump is compact and lightweight for easy transport in Systainer, as are the clamping units. Suitable for use in the workshop or on-site.


Gripping in every way

Does not damage or mark surfaces

Base can be attached easily using clamps or screws

360Ìâå¡ rotation and 90Ìâå¡ tilt for full manoeuvrability

Compact and light for easy transport

FastFix system allows fast tool-free pad changes


Clamping of non-porous workpieces up to 30kg

Use with the MFT multifunction table

Use with VAC SYS SE 1


Product Set Name vac-sys-hose-connector

Power consumption at 50 Hz 160 200 W

Power consumption at 60 Hz 200 230 W

Pump capacity at 50 Hz 2.7 m/h

Pump capacity at 60 Hz 3.5 m/h

Minimum vacuum 81% 810 mbar

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