Festool VS 600 Dovetail Joining System VS 600 GE

by Festool
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Festool Dovetail Joining System VS 600 GE

Festool's VS 600 jointing system allows you to easily create perfect dovetail joints. Dovetailing is one of the oldest wood joining techniques and has always been regarded as sign of craftsmanship. With range of templates to choose from, half-blind and open dovetail joints, box joints and dowel joints can be produced to maximum working width of 650mm. The templates are easily changeable without the use of tools, and the basic unit has solid aluminium design with steel contact bar for long service life. The swivelling segment on the unit enables routing of base and side panels on one setting, while the simple clamping system enables accurate, repetitive positioning of work pieces.The machine is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Accurate, precise, beautiful

The VS600 achieves accurate results because the router, template, copying ring and cutter are fully compatible with one another. Beautiful joints are guaranteed with every job!

Numerous options

Whether small or large dovetail joints, box joints or dowel joints, the VS 600 has templates available to tackle them all.

Fast progress

In order to rout several pieces one after the other, the template simply folds upwards. The memory eccentric disk and simple clamping system enables accurate, repeat positioning of work pieces and templates.

Template and Cutter Selection Chart

Joint Type Work Piece

Thickness (mm)

Template VS Copying Ring ÌÄèÏ (mm) VS Copying Ring Part No. Cutter Part No.

OF 1010 (included) OF 1400(not included) Soft material Hard material

Half-blind Dovetail

14 20 488877 17.0 490770 492181 490991 490992

21 28 488878 24.0 490771 492182 490995 490996

Open Dovetail

- copy rings and cutters are required for each cutter set

10 14 491152 (Set) 8.5 (Z)

17.0 (S) 490772 (Z) 490770 (S) 492179 (Z)

492181 (S) 490944 (Z)

491164 (S) 490978(Z)


14 25 491153 (Set) 13.8 (Z)

24.0 (S) 484176 (Z) 490771 (S) 492180 (Z)

492182 (S)

490946 (Z)

491165 (S)




6 10 488879 8.5 490772 492179 490944 490978

10 20 488880 13.8 484176 492180 490946 490980

Dowel 5 mm < 12 488881 13.8 484176 492180 491066

Dowel 6 mm 12 14 491067

Dowel 8 mm 15 22 491068

Dowel 10 mm 23 -28 491069


Perfecting tradition

Accurate results with fully compatible routers and accessories

Solid aluminium design with steel contact bar ensures long service life

Templates are easy to change


Create half-blind dovetail joints

Create open dovetail joints

Create box joints

Rout dowel holes for round dowel joints


Product Set Name vs-600

Work piece thickness 6 30 mm

Max. work piece length 650 mm

Note: Templates are not included

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