Imex i88R H/V Rotating laserw/Tripod & 5m Staff 012-I88RK

by Imex
SKU 012-I88RK

Imex i88R H/V Rotating laser w/Tripod & 5m Staff

Brand: Imex
Model: 012-I88RK
Warranty: 5 Years
Laser Unit
LRX10 Detector
Remote control unit
USB cable
9.0 Ah Lithium battery
Car charger
Target plate
Hard carry case
5m Staff
Flat Top Tripod


  • 9 Ah lithium- ion battery with over 40 hour run time
  • USB charging port, fast charge
  • Digital Detectors in mm reading increments on all models
  • High wind sensitivity override on some models
Self Levelling Range +/- 5°
Accuracy 1.5 mm @ 30 m
Working Distance 600 m diameter
Function Horizontal / Vertical
Scan Mode Yes, 0°, 10°, 45°, 90°, 180°
Slope Mode Yes - Dual manual grade to 5° 8.8%
Rotation Speeds 0, 60, 120, 300, 600 rpm
Light Source Red 635nm Class II
Water Resistant, Shockproof IP66
Power Source 9 Ah 3.7v lithium-ion
Working Time Continuous Use 40 hrs approx Red
Charging Time 4 hrs in unit or removed from unit
USBC Charging Yes; including 12v car charger
High Wind Sensitivity Re-set Yes
Remote Control Yes, iCR8
Weight-Unit Only 2.48 Kg
Detector - German Made LRX10 Double sided
Detector Pick-Up 90mm -30mm to +60mm
Detector Reading Ultrafine - 0.5mm
Fine - 1.0mm
Medium - 2.0mm
Course - 5.0mm
Ultra Course - 10.0mm
Detector Power 1-AA > 50 hrs run


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