Imex LX25GP Green Beam Series 111 012-LX25GP

by Imex
SKU 012-LX25GP

The new generation IMEX LX25P with class leading IMEX Laser-edge technology high definition line and dots makes this the ultimate dual purpose laser for all interior work. Combines with a magnetic bracket that also suits a number of tripod options. Also comes with an optional line detector for outdoor use to 55m. The LX25P is the most advanced multi-line laser available.


    • Hyper-bright beams
    • Widest 185 Horizontal and Vertical lines
    • Longest Range
    • 1m Drop Test Winner
    • +70 oven test winner
The LX25P is perfect for set-out shopfront glaxing, wall partitions, Electrical switch and light placement AC and fire sprinkler placement, Tiling, Dry Walling, Cabinet Installation, Steel Fabrication Set-Up, Interior Decorating, Decking and Patio Set-Out and Foundation Set-Out.


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