Makita 12V Max GREEN Cross Line Laser - Tool Only SK209GDZ

by Makita

Makita 12V Green Multi Line Laser (tool only) SK209GDZ
Bonus until 31 January 2020 - Makita 12V Max Driver Drill 1.5Ah Kit DF333DWY
1 Horizontal and 2 vertical lines - laser projects 1 horizontal line and 2 vertical lines forward, left and right each intersecting at 90 degrees
Green laser - the human eye is better able to recognise colours in the green spectrum, therefore green lasers can be up to 4 times brighter than red lasers
CXT - powered by 12V Max batteries the laser has a extended continuous runtime of up to 28 hours on maximum power with a 4.0 Ah battery and 10 hours with a 1.5 Ah
XPT - for use in outdoor applications or harsh environments, protection from dust and dripping water is enhanced with a IP54 rated body
3 mode brightness settings - laser can be emitted in 3 different brightness settings, Eco, normal and high brightness
3 mode line selection - line beam can be emitted in 3 modes, horizontal only / horizontal and single vertical / horizontal and 3 vertical
DC jack - allows power to be supplied from 18V batteries using USB adaptor ADP05 and power supply cable
Diameter of laser point 2.5 mm @10 m
Range 20 m
Self levelling range 2å¡
Measuring tolerance å±1 mm / 10 m
Operating temperature range -10å¡ - 40å¡C
Continuous runtime 4.0Ah - 40 hours
Overall length 122 mm
Skin weight 1.27 kg
Voltage 12V MAX

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