Makita 12V Hedge Trimmer (tool only) UH201DZX

by Makita

Makita 12V Hedge Trimmer (tool only) UH201DZX
Designed to suit the needs of home users, landscapers, nurseries and gardeners. The blade systems on the UH201D Mobile Hedge Trimmer and the DUM604 Mobile Grass Shear are interchangeable, where the grass shear and hedge trimmer blades can be installed into both the 12V MAX and 18V units.
The easy blade change system allows swapping blades over quickly and easily. The stain free shear blades provide an anti-abrasion surface for long lasting durable shear blades.
Two Tools in One - universal design for grass shear and hedge trimmer use. Interchangeable blade system allows for easy conversion between the two blade sets
Chip Receiver - with one touch installation can be installed on the hedge trimmer blade to catch off-cuts during use
Easy Blade Change System - grass shear can easily be removed and replaced with the hedge trimmer blade by removing 2 screws
Battery Capacity Warning - lamp blinking red, indicates battery capacity is low and when the lamp lights up, the tool has stopped due to battery capacity being empty
Cutting Depth Adjustment - grass receiver can be adjusted to depths of 15, 20 and 25 mm, and 10 mm by removing the receiver
Stain Free Shear Blade - glittering silver surface features a high anti abrasion coasting for linger lasting blades
Voltage 12 V
Cycles per Minute 1,250 cpm
Strokes per Minute 2,500 spm
Cutting Width 200 mm
Max Cutting Diameter 8 mm
Weight (with Battery) 1.5 kg

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