Makita 12V Max Type 13 Stapler - Tool Only ST113DZ

by Makita

Makita 18V 7 & 10mm Stapler (tool only) ST113DZ
The Makita 12V MAX Type 13 Stapler has been designed to be compact and lightweight for easy manoeuvrability when fastening materials such as sarking and upholstery. Featuring a continuous shooting feature allowing the user to rapidly bump fire multiple staples
Accepts 7 and 10mm length staples
Bump fire for firing multiple staples in a short time
Powerful spring drive mechanism
Plastic magazine provides lighter weight and better control
High volume work capacity
Fastener length 7-10mm
Width 10mm
Gauge 0.5x0.7mm
Magazine capacity 150pcs
Overall length 211mm
Skin weight 1.13kg
Weight (with battery) 1.5kg
Voltage 12V MAX

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