Makita 18V 16mm Steel Rod Cutter - Tool Only DSC162Z

by Makita

Makita 18v Cordless 16mm Steel Rod Cutter DSC162Z
Ideal for use in residential, low rise or small industrial applications when cutting steel reo around footings and load bearing sections of a slab
Unique mobile solution for steel rod cutting
Capable of cutting 3-16 mm
Adjustable bolt assists in smooth cutting of different diameter steel rods
4 Way blade rotation for up to 4,000 cuts per blade
360å¡ Head rotation to manoeuvre for any cut
Ergonomic light weight design
Adjustable bolt for holding reo providing neater cut
Powerful hydraulic with up to 490N/mmå_ of cutting
Diameter capacity 3 - 16 mm
Cutting speed 4 seconds
Max. tensile strength 490N/mmå_
Head rotation 360å¡
Overall length 380mm
Model No DSC162Z
Barcode 0088381683067
Dimensions 380x265x108mm
Net Weight 6.5kg

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