Makita 18V 66mm Brushless Band Saw (tool only) DPB183Z

by Makita

Aluminium housing durable but also lightweight aluminium housing ensures the bandsaw is able to withstand jobsite conditions, providing stable and secure cutting for the user
Tool less blade change for quick and easy blade replacement there is a large tool less tension lever
Blade tracking adjustment blade tracking can be adjusted by turning the screw located on the housing with the hex wrench provided
Optional grip users have the option of attaching a grip handle to the aluminium housing for greater control in varying applications
Twin LED Job light Twin LED job light with pre glow function so the user can accurately position the blade on the cutting line
Ergonomic handle design angled specifically for comfortable use the handle design has been engineered to be comfortable in both conventional and overhead operation
Variable speed control by dial & trigger users can use the dial or trigger for variable speed control, allowing them to select the ideal cutting speed to suit the application
Constant speed control minimizes the reduction in blade speed under heavy load to provide stable and secure cutting
Catch Bracket prevents damage to the tool body from hitting against workpiece
Adjustable stopper plate can be adjusted for safe cutting of various sized material and can also be adjusted making it convenient for cutting close to walls and ceilings
Voltage 18 V
Cutting capacities 66 x 66 mm
Blade speed 0-192 m/min
Blade size (LxWxH) 835 x 13 x 0.5 mm
Overall length 392 mm
Weight 3.3 kg

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