Makita 18V BRUSHLESS 25mm Steel Rod Cutter - Tool Only DSC250ZK

by Makita

Makita 18V Brushless Rod Cutter (tool only) DSC250ZK
Designed to suits the needs of steel fixers, engineers and concreters cutting steel rebar and electricians and plumbers cutting threaded rods.
The DSC250 can cut steel rod with a diameter of 10-25 mm, with the ability to cut 3.5 mm from the surface. Ideal for cutting threaded rod virtually flush with the surface. The brushless motor with automatic torque drive provides a highly efficient tool with high performance cutting automatically providing more torque when needed under heavy load
Smooth Cutting - allows high suction power and high efficiency, with run times up to 60 mins on high
Fine Cutting Depth - rebar can be cut at .5 mm from the end of the bar, Threaded rods can be cut also at 3.5 mm form the ground/surface
Chip Exhaust - exhaust ort ejects chips the away form users efficiently
BL Brushless Motor - provides more power and longer run times thanks to the brushless motor design
Automatic Torque Drive - adjusts speed and torque for optimal performance. During operation, if the tool is put under heavy load, ATD detects the added demand & applies more torque & speed to finish the job
Blade Cutting Guard - ergonomically designed cover guard located over the moving saw blade providing protection to the operator when the tool is in operation.
Cutting Guide - allows user to have control of the tool for safe cutting of steel
Cutting Capacity 10-25 mm
No Load Speed 2200 rpm
Blade Diameter 110 mm
Overall Length 471 mm
Weight 4.0 kg

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