Makita 18V Threaded Rod Cutter (tool only) DSC121ZK

by Makita

Makita 18V Threaded Rod Cutter (tool only) DSC121ZK
Release Valve - if you want to stop the cutter rod mid-stroke and return it to the start position, turn the return knob counter clockwise (1/2 turn) and loosen it. The cutter rod will return to the start position
Clean cutting - cutting jaws will cleanly cut threaded rod so that fastenings will thread straight on without any additional clean up required.
M12 Cutting Capacity - cutting jaws have been specifically designed for M12 cutting with more than enough power for cutting stainless rod
Rapid cutting speed - rod cutting rapidly cuts through M12 threaded rod in 3 seconds
Brushless motor - 18V brushless motor provides exceptional runtime cutting up to 500 pieces of M12 threaded rod on 1x 6.0Ah battery
Ergonomic handle design - has been specifically configured for use both in overhead applications and also bench top applications
Voltage 18V
Max cutting capacities M12
Cutting speed 3.0 sec
Length 212 mm
Tool weight 5.4 kg

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