Makita 18V Stick Vacuum Cleaner w/Trigger Switch (tool only) DCL280FZB

by Makita

LED Joblight - single LED joblight operates when the trigger is engaged illuminating the work area. Light also functions as a battery capacity warning light and will blink as battery capacity becomes low.
Pipe lock - pipe is fixed by the locking mechanism preventing it from accidently falling off.
Low vibration - redesign of internal components significantly reduce the vibration of the housing to 0.2m/sec².
Pipe with bevelled edge - cleaning of tight spaces can be complete without a nozzle by using the bevelled edge of the pipe as a nozzle for hard to reach spaces.
Trigger switch with lock on - new switch design includes a trigger switch with a sliding lock on function for longer continuous use without fatigue.
Quiet cleaning - sound absorbing sponge has been added to the internal housing reducing the noise level to 70dB(A).
HEPA Filter - provides a high filtration rate of 99.97% at 0.3 micron.
Capsule type dust collection - to remove accumulated dust point the suction inlet down and twist the capsule removing it from the housing then dispose of dust.
Enhanced durability - dust resistance has been improved by new filter structure protecting the motor from dust.
Voltage 18V
Max. sealed suction 6.4 kPa
Max. air volume 1.4 m³/min
Tank capacity 750mL
Suction power 45 W
Continuous Runtime (Max) 6.0Ah 38 mins
Overall length 1016 mm
Tool Weight 0.9 kg

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