Makita 18V LED Worklight with Tripod (240V or 18V Battery) DML805+A-58126 DML805X1

by Makita

Makita Mobile LED Worklight (240V or 18v Battery) DML805
LED portable work light Interchangeable powered by AC- 240V or DC - 18v
High or Low / Off Variable Settings
xPT (extreme Protection Technology)
Carrying handle for easy transport that also serves as a hanging hook
Knob for free adjustment of light angle enables the light source to rotate vertically through 360° in a desired direction.
Battery capacity warning function - Automatically notifies the user about reduction in battery capacity by
reducing the brightness of light.
AC Cord can be stored around the hooks.
Compatible with 18v batteries (not included)
Dimensions 214x261x328mm
Powered by 18v Battery or AC Cord
Continuous Use (BL1815N) Low 5.0h
High 2.5h
Charging time (15mins - DC18RC)
Continuous Use (BL1830) Low 10h
High 5h
Charging time (22mins - DC18RC)
Continuous Use (BL1840) Low 13h
High 6.5h
Charging time (36mins - DC18RC)
Continuous Use (BL1850) Low 17h
High 8.5h
Charging time (45mins - DC18RC)
Not Included DC18RC or 18v Batteries
Makita Tripod for use with DML805 A-58126
Up to two DML805's can be mounted (Only 1, Included)
Height Min: 730mm
Max: 1600mm
Part No A-58126
Set Screw M8

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