Makita 18V Brushless Robotic Vacuum (tool only) DRC200

by Makita

Makita 18V Brushless Robotic Vacuum (tool only) DRC200
Automatic cleaning - able to run automatically to collect dust and debris in either a random or pattern running mode
Large dust box - accessible from the top of the cleaner with a large capacity of 2.5L
Sensors - 5 various types of sensors allow the vacuum to run automatically
Movement Sensors There are five various sensors positioned on this unit in order for safe and smooth operation
Bumper sensor - senses through movable bumper on the front of the unit, that the cleaner is touching obstacles
Gyro sensor - ensures the unit is running straight and stable
IR cliff sensors - located on the underside of the unit, prevents the vacuum from falling down steps of ledges
Ultrasonic sensors - 8 sensors detect obstacles at a distance
Wheel sensors - detect when the cleaner is stuck in a variety of different scenarios
Wireless remote controller - allows the user to start and stop as well locate the unit from a range of up to 20 meters
Two dust collection modes - vacuum plus power brush for collecting small and large debris or power brush only for large debris only
Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries - two 18V Li-ion batteries can be directly installed on the cleaner however the vacuum does have the ability to run of one battery
LED warning lamp - while running buzzer and flashing light make nearby workers alert to the location of the cleaner, buzzer can be muted
Side brushes - enable vacuum to clean alongside walls around obstacles or tight corners
Continuous run time 120mins (BL1830x2)200mins (BL1850x2)
Maximum cleaning area 300m² (BL1830x2)500m² (BL1850x2)
Running speed 0.3 m/sec
Dust Capacity 2.5L
Weight 7.8kg

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