Makita 2000W Variable Temp Heat Gun HG6530V

by Makita

Variable Temperature - push button temperature control (50-650°C) by 10°C increments for precise control over a variety of applications
LCD Display - shows where the current temperature produced by the heat gun
Compatible with various accessories - ability to perform a wide range of tasks such as stripping paint, soldering pipes and shrinking PVC due to different accessories available
Self standing design - supports gun in up position for operator convenience during application and nozzle changes
3 stage slide switch - easy to operate slide switch with 3 settings (low / cooling / high) for greater versatility
Continuous rating input 2000 W
Air temperature 50° - 650°C
Air volume Stage 1: 500 l/min
Stage 2: 280 l/min
Stage 3: 550 l/min
Length 257 mm
Power supply cord 2 m
Weight 0.72 kg

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