Makita 260mm Table Saw MLT100N

by Makita

Blade guard - newly designed blade guard for reduced kickback and top guard to prevent feeding of over-capacity workpieces
Bevel Cutting - easily adjust the bevel angle by loosening the lock lever and turning the handwheel until the desired angle is obtained, indicated by the arrow pointer
Mitre gauge - simply loosen knob on the gauge and align to desired angle (0° to 60°)
On-tool storage - Push stick, triangular rule, saw blade and wrenches can be stored on the left hand side of the base. Rip fence and mitre gauge can be stored on the right hand side of the base
Extension table - extendable sub table on the right hand side and rear of saw by loosening screws and adjusting to the desired length
Continuous rating input 1500 W
Max. cutting capacities at 0° 93 mm
Max. cutting capacities at 45° 64 mm
Blade diameter 260 mm (10-1/4")
RHS max. rip / LHS max. rip 630 mm / 530 mm
Bevel cutting capacity 0 - 45°/
No load speed 43000 rpm
Overall length 726 mm
Power Cord 2 m
Weight 34.8 kg

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